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The world of Entertainment Business is fast changing and dynamic. Everyday new technologies, ideas, concepts, and opportunities arise.

This blog is my way of connecting and commenting on that ever changing world.

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Lets talk… LinkedIn’s User Experience

LinkedIn is an amazing website!


A professional space that is completely separate from a personal environment like Facebook. An environment that my industry, peers, and future employees get to know me. No worrying about pictures of my feet distracting people or whether I am single. Also it allows the user to keep track of acquaintances, new jobs, careers, accomplishments, and how you know them. It is ever-changing, easily updated, and accessed anywhere!


But this article isn’t about how useful it “can” be or even if it should be used (because “Duh. It is an amazing tool!”)


It has a ton of awesome resources… capabilities… but the user interface SUCKS! Historically we know that these sites CHANGE. They change all the damn time. It can be annoying and frustrating but eventually we begin to see the benefit and opportunity… So in the hopes that they give it a make over, here are some things I pray the designers start to think about…


First I am probably one of the few people who actually has the …


“Profile Complete”


And it took a lot of time and work. The initial task can feel daunting. Not only can there be a ton of data to be entered but there are other things to consider. Wording, location, organizing, and proofing it. Not including the dreaded UPDATE! you will eventually have to do, because as professionals we need to grow and develop.


So I have a plethora of info and LinkedIn “in its awesomeness” has so many sections to breakdown my professional profile…


Quick Box







and more…

But in the end you get something like this..

It’s a horrible garbled mess…


If I attempted to print my profile it would take 5 pages! Who in the world wants to read that? And is this really what I want to show at that moment! Should the screen be customizable to the… viewer? But this is my professional space. It should have ALL the info saved in the profile. We shouldn’t have to constantly delete or change info. It can be an incredible log book and reference for the user.


So.. solution?


LinkedIn could be rethinking the résumé. Because it’s not suppose to be one, IT IS a profile! Profiles are Personal! They are places people can represent themselves and we all know in this day that includes multimedia content. The scrapbook of Resume’s!


What I would love to see…


A better user and reader interface. I don’t want one long resume. They can use tools such as tabs, widgets… something that doesn’t overwhelm the reader. they could take it one step further and use keywords and graphics to customize the experience! Resume readers are always keying into keywords, skills, and tasks. I would love for LinkedIn to delve into unique new formats…


7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make You Rethink the CV – Is an amazing article that LinkedIn should use as inspiration. Not saying it cookie cut the formats. But the concept of thinking out of the box to present people. Exploiting design capabilities such as dimensions, images, graphs. Creating a more enjoyable user experience and atmosphere.


Any thoughts on rethinking… well LinkedIn?

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